Farmers’ Markets

We bring our apples, and other fruits and vegetables to Farmers’ Markets in the Region. Come and see us all year, rain or shine at:

St.Jacob’s Farmers’ Market

Thursdays and Saturdays – 7am – 3:30pm

Tuesdays (during the summer months)- 8am – 3pm


Port Colborne Farmers’ Market

Fridays – 6am – 1pm

(7am – 1pm October to May)


Welland Farmers’ Market

Saturdays – 6am – 12pm

The local customers and tourists alike can enjoy produce fresh from the fields during the season,

and our apples all year round, while getting to know the familiar faces of Johnson Farms.


3 Comments on “Farmers’ Markets

  1. You have the BEST honeycrisp apples our family has ever had the privilege of eating! Very sad that you are not at St. Jacobs market this morning. Hope to see you Saturday!!!!


  2. You have the BEST Ambrosa apples I have ever had the privilege of eating! When I go to St Jacobs market I always buy a half bushel for myself a a 4qt bbasket for my coworker. When I cant make it to St Jacobs I buy your apples from the burnhamthorpe road market at Dixie and burnhamthorpe road.


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